The highest-quality products deserve the highest-quality packaging

EJ VICTOR hat mit einer On Demand Packaging®-Lösung eine 10-prozentige Reduzierung der Transportschäden erreicht.
20% decrease in corrugated used
5-10% decrease in shipping damages
10% increase in production throughput

Das Problem: 

Protecting fine furniture requires a lot of box inventory

EJ Victor is a 25 year-old company that specializes in high-quality furniture. Its products are hand-crafted with valuable materials and master craftsmen. So naturally, making sure the products are shipped safely and without damages is imperative. Unfortunately, this led to a large box inventory that occupied a lot of floor space and a lot of time spent searching for and assembling boxes.

"One of the big benefits of Packsize is we can make a box as we need to make it. We don’t need to have something stored here; we don’t need to have a lot of floorspace. We can use that floorspace for something better."
Mark McKinney
Betriebsleiter Polsterei

Die Lösung:

Reduce clutter, labor, & costs with Packsize

Since switching to Packsize, EJ Victor has experienced a lot more simplicity. Its warehouse has a lot less clutter and a lot more floorspace. It has reduced overall packaging and freight costs. It has been able to move an employee away from packaging while still moving more product through its shipping lines. And perhaps most importantly, it has experienced a 10 percent reduction in shipping damages.